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Scotle-IR6000 BGA Rework Station

Scotle-IR6000 BGA Rework Station
Brand: Scotle
Product Code: IR6000
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Scotle-IR6000 BGA Rework Station




Scotle IR6000 is an infrared BGA rework station which can widely used in electronic repair such as cell phones, desktop, switch , PS3, Wii, Xbox 360 and other area in SMD reworking . It uses advanced infrared technology. It can give even heat distribution and protect your eyes.

Scotle IR6000 has two temperature zones, top has one 450W ceremic plate heater and bottom has three ceramic plates 600W each. Total power is 2400W. The temperature heat up quicker and steadily,which can let the desoldering process finish in about 5 minutes.

Scotle IR6000 is ideal BGA rework station for soldering desoldering CBGA, CCGA, CSP, QFN, MLF, PGA and  all the green epoxy type μBGA.

It has large top heating area, it makes CPU block, Various shield cover and component slot repair much more easier.

Compared with traditional hot air BGA rework stations, Scotle IR6000 gets over the problem heating slowly and disorderly caused by the

hot air during reworking. And meantime it can also protect the surrounding component from damage in the reworking process.

Scotle IR6000 can be connect with computer with built in PC RS232 seprial port. It can be controlled by the IRSOFT temperature software. it can set up 8 rising temperature segments and 8 constant temperature segments to control. It can store 10 groups of temperature profiles at one time.

Scotle IR6000 uses advanced OMEG K-type temperature sensor, it is with high efficiency and accuracy, it can capture your actual temperature at any time in BGA reworking process.

Scotle IR6000 will alert you 10 seconds in advance before the temperature profile run to be finished.

Scotle IR6000 has high integration design, the smaller workbench, non-mixed cables and the convenient operation –all the process of soldering controlled by a button.

Scotle IR6000 has linear guide type PCB Bracket and it can be locked,adjusted by rotating the handle, which can fix PCB board easily and effectively with no PCB board deformation easily.

Scotle IR6000 can be widely use both in leaded and lead free SMD BGA rework, the max temperature can up to 400 °C.

Scotle IR6000 has safe power switch. If there is something wrong such as overload, it will power off automatically. It will protect your machine and also prolong the using life.


Scotle IR6000 main specifications as below:

Total Power 2400w
Top heater 450W
Bottom heater 1800w
power AC220V±10%/AC110V±10%   50/60Hz     
Dimensions L470×W370×H500 mm
Positioning V-groove, PCB support can be adjusted in X,Ydirection with external universal fixture
Temperature control K thermocouple (K Sensor)Closed loop
Temp accuracy ±2 degree
PCB size Max 300mm300mm  Min20mm20mm
BGA chip 5*5~70*70
Minimum chip spacing 0.15mm
Net weight About 14.5KG

 Kind remindScotle-TS1 will make your EMEGA Temperature sensor locate under the chip bottom much more easier.




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